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Submit your data. Get labels. Improve your accuracy.

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For medical datasets large and small. Upload images, design a labeling task, and we’ll handle the rest.

Skilled labelers

Our crowd excels at medical image labeling. We trust people based on their measured accuracy, instead of trusting people on their credentials alone.

Accurate results

We combine many opinions from our diverse crowd to ensure accurate, comprehensive results.

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Data Labeling to Enable Breakthroughs in Medical AI

We’re building the future of medical decision-making.
Instead of trusting one person's opinion, we aggregate the opinions of many people based on their skills, enabling our customers to develop novel technologies to detect and fight disease. On our mobile app DiagnosUs, people around the world compete to analyze medical images and videos most accurately.


Erik Duhaime, PhD
Founder & CEO
Zach Rausnitz
Founder & CTO
Tom Gellatly
Founder & VP Engineering
Chanel Fischetti, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Simon Pacheco
iOS Engineer
Gia Min
Software Engineer
Anant Jain
Data Scientist
Kira Prentice
Product Manager
Office Manager

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On our mobile app DiagnosUs, medical students, professionals, and others around the world compete to analyze images most accurately and earn prizes.

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