Data Labeling to Enable the Next Generation of Medical AI

Our platform uses trained professionals to analyze medical images and videos, enabling our customers to build new technologies and treatments to detect and fight disease. Our backers include Y Combinator, Accel, Global Founders Capital, and LEO Pharma’s Innovation Lab.


Enhance, Organize, and Verify Your Data

Whether you’re building training data sets for a new perception algorithm or running quality control on the results of an experiment, the Centaur platform can help you accomplish your data goals.

Our software, combined with a global community of labelers, enables us to perform a wide variety of data labeling and classification tasks at massive scale.


(Binary and multi-choice)


(Boxes, Segmentation, video)


(PII/PHI, corrupted data)


How We Do It

At Centaur Labs, we’ve created a two-sided platform for medical image and video analysis. We connect virtual teams of users via our mobile app with companies that need medical data labeled at scale.

Our users are doctors, medical students, and other healthcare professionals from around the world who use our app to learn and compete with each other. We leverage machine learning to better understand our users, and our groups outperform individual experts at many tasks.

Every image is seen by multiple people. Rather than trust people based on their credentials, we trust people based on their performance.