What We Label

Our platform has the flexibility to support your dataset needs.

Supported tasks


Labelers select a label from a pre-defined set of options.

Box Annotation

Labelers draw rectangles to annotate simple shapes.

Polygon Annotation

Labelers draw and adjust polygons to annotate images.

Supported Datasets

CT Scan





and others

Supported Data Types





How It Works

Submit your data. Get labels. Improve your accuracy.

Easy setup

Upload your dataset, define your tasks, then refine them using our labeling app. Once you’re ready to go, a click activates your task to our labeling network.

On-demand labeling

Our network of skilled medical experts competes to label your images, resulting in more labels and faster turn-around for even the largest datasets.

Accurate results

We aggregate multiple opinions to produce high quality results at a fraction of the cost of paying a single medical expert for one opinion.

Data Labeling to Enable Breakthroughs in Medical AI

Centaur Labs labels your medical datasets by engaging thousands of highly skilled labelers. We pride ourselves on accuracy, efficiency, and affordability.

Instead of trusting one person's opinion, we aggregate the opinions of many people based on their skills, enabling our customers to develop novel technologies to detect and fight disease.

Our Mobile App

On our mobile app DiagnosUs, medical students, professionals, and others around the world compete to analyze images most accurately and earn prizes. This competition among our labeling network generates tens of thousands of labels every day.

DiagnosUs is available for iOS on the App Store.

Get Hired to Label

Sign up if you have clinical skills and want to contribute with part time, remote labeling work.

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